Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reload - Soaring

I have made the mistake many times over the years when it comes to getting new records. There was a time when i was really obsessed with djing and keeping up with new music. To do so, that required a lot of time in record shops going through stacks and stacks of new releases, listening to each track for about 10 seconds and deciding if what you were hearing through the headphones was the one you were meant to find. Records were expensive. An import 12 inch was around $9 to $11, with domestics at around $5-$7. Much of my life i have been broke and it was incredibly expensive to keep up with this habit. Many shops would do trade, old records = store credit for new.
I was reminded today of this brilliant Reload record that i had, traded and forgot about.

Still a good track but for some reason or another, i let it go. Dumb.
The whole dynamic of djing has changed drastically over the years (you don't need me to tell you that story) and music is available for free everywhere now. If there were a good shop near by that sold current dance records, i would be there, but there's not and that habit has been quieted severely.


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