Friday, January 28, 2011

A Man From Detroit

The first dance record i ever bought was a double pack on the Touché label in 1996.
Carl Craig was such a huge influence on me and his tracks were the first that got me into
techno and wanting to learn how to dj. I only recently found out that this is version that is
on the double pack is remixed by Orlando Voorn. Orlando is a phenomenal producer
and exploration into his work i will save for another post.

This is the jam that totally won me over to Carl Craig's sound. I actually was fortunate enough
to hear him perform this live at a new year's eve party in Los Angeles (i think in 1995/1996?)
What i remember of that night was him on stage just using a Kurzweil synth (i'm sure there was
other external gear but that's all i saw). Simple, raw and completely addictive. Detroit techno
resonated with me on such a level that i never knew possible and after that night, i was never
the same.

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gulls said...

Killer tracks. I love the phased out crunchy snare that comes in on the "o side" jam.

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