Thursday, August 13, 2009

sonic dream

had a strange dream about Sonic Youth last night.
i was at a party or something and they were all there, hanging out.
everything was very mellow, almost muted.
they looked younger than i had seen them in recent promos for the latest album, The Eternal.
i remember telling Thurston that he looked like he was 'doing well.'
he had a reel-to-reel tape machine that had two regular cassette deck faces on it besides the reels.
one of them was a Nakamichi.
i was amazed, i had never seen anything like that.
i remember talking with the drummer for a long time.
we really hit it off.
really can't remember what we talked about but he was very friendly.
Kim was hanging out too.
at one point i was combing her hair. it was almost 3 feet long. she didn't seem to mind
nor did Thurston.
everything was natural, like i had been quickly assimilated into their crew of friends
and there were no feelings of caution.
Lee and i joked about things i can't remember.
sometimes all the details of dreams are right there, right at the tip of my tongue,
on the edge of my mind and i can recall everything.
other times its just bits and pieces. 
as the dream faded, my surroundings became blurry and i was pulling back into
the waking world. 
at the last moment i thought, "i will see them in the flesh in october."

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